I Do... Love Guns! Check Out This Gun Wedding Motivational Poster

This motivational poster features a gun-toting bride, her bridesmaids, and a handful of men who just love it when gals are packing heat.
Motivational poster for firearm enthusiasts. It's a wedding party posing with ARs.
We’ve heard of shotgun weddings, but this is just taking it to a whole new level. As great as this picture is, we can’t quite figure out which one of these fellas is the groom. Our guess would be that he’s the guy just behind the bride’s right shoulder, but it’s hard to say for sure.

Either way, we’re a little bit jealous. It looks like one truly lucky guy is about to marry his dream girl. Do you think they’ll spend their honeymoon at the shooting range?

For updates, stay tuned to Guns.com. Thanks goes out to the Gun Free Zone for finding this little gem. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing Gun.com’s news feeds.
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