Army to Develop Custom Ammo Tech for the Apache Gunner on the Go

The Army is tinkering with a computerized system that will allow a helicopter gunner to select precise ammo types for any given situation, the tech website Wired reported.

You may pride yourself on how quickly you can reload your guns, but when you’re hovering over the battlefield in an $18 million helicopter, swapping ammo belts that are probably heavier than you are is no easy task.

To get past this problem, the Army has adopted a one-size-fits-all approach to ammo by just including bullets of every type in an ammo belt. When you need incendiary rounds, then some (but not all) of the bullets that you fire will be incendiary rounds. The same goes for explosive rounds, and just about every other type of ammo. They’re all mixed into the ammo feed, but it’s not up to the gunner what bullets get fired.

The Army intends to change all that with a new computerized system that will allow the gun to selectively fire only one type of ammo. This new tech will cut firepower by about half, reducing the rate of fire from 10 bullets per second to five bullets per second. That doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice: nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a 30mm auto-cannon that fires rounds 312 rounds per minute.

What the army will gain with this new system is a greater level of control and efficiency. But don’t take it from us: let this video with the manliest-sounding narrator in history explain how the technology will work.

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