Aussie Swimmers Monk and D'Arcy Grounded from Social Media During Olympics Over Controversial Gun Photo

A controversial gun photo with Australian Olympic swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk has forced the Australian Olympic Committee to ban the two from social media during the summer games and will force them to go home after their events are finished. There is currently no word as to whether or not the swimmers were also sent them to their room to think about what they’ve done.

Recently these two already controversial guys invited complaints by posing with guns similar to the ones used in a 1996 Australian massacre.

Kevin Neil, the chief executive of Swimming Australia magazine, said, “They showed poor judgement in posting what we saw as inappropriate photos, in which they appear to be skylarking with guns while in the U.S. last week.” He added, “While what the boys did was not illegal, posting the photos on social networks encourages public debate, and that debate can be seen to have a negative impact on the image of the sport and their own image.”

Monk and D'ArcyBoth D’Arcy and Monk have complied and actually went a step further and made the conscious decision to avoid social media effective immediately rather than beginning July 16.

We’re not sure if encouraging debate is a bad thing, and we certainly don’t think that doing something legal is bad, either, so we’re not sure how a gun photo is worth grounding Monk and D’arcy.

But, of course, we’re not Australian, so it’s hard to view the situation through their eyes.

Are there any fans down under? What are your thoughts? Is the Australian Olympic committee overreacting?

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