Glock Style: Glock's Knives, Nazi Steel

While the Glock company is synonymous with the Glock Pistol, it should not be forgotten that Glock Ges.m.b.H. got their start making shovels. Specifically, knives and entrenching tools. In that spirit Gaston J. Glock, son of the founder of the Glock has started another company, GASTON J. GLOCK Style

The majority of the company’s catalog is hunting and shooting apparel and shooting accessories for men an women—including shooting scarves—but owing to their legacy, they also have a line of some undisputably pretty knives, for hunting, carrying, and working in the kitchen. What’s even more interesting is where they get their steel. 

Glock Knife

Several Glock Style knives of note use reclaimed steel from the barrels of WWII-era war machines, Leopard tank barrels and steel hauled up from the sunken and wrecked KMS Tirpitz, a battleship that was destroyed by the Royal Air Force in late 1944. 

These fixed-blade knives mix the Nazi steel with new steel and fold it 320 times to generate a unique Damascus-style finish, and ultimately knives that are easy to want to own. Granted, they’re not impulse buys at $1,400-2,000, but they are truly one-of-a-kind and well-proportioned blades. 

Glock Knife

Now it could be said that it is in poor taste to use destroyed Nazi war machines to make new knives with, and it’s OK to feel that way. It isn’t for us to decide if the spirit of the regime is somehow endowed to these new knives. We also see how it works in the opposite way, in the spirit of swords into plowshares. Granted, these plowshares are little swords… so there’s that. But they’re a far cry from Bismarck-class battleships. 

Of course, if you want one of their knives without having to worry about where its base metals came from, they make plenty of gorgeous non-Nazi-steel knives as well, for as little as $600. Yes, Glock knives cost more than Glock guns, that’s a fact. But while Glock guns are universally renown for their polymer construction, Glock knives match their exotic steel with equally exotic handle materials, from burled hardwood to kudu horn and even woolly mammoth ivory

Glock Umbrella

If you’re ever looking for a gift for the Glock fan that already has it all, swing by Glock Style. You might not be able to afford this Damascus-style Bowie knife forged with barrel steel from a Leopard I A3 and finished with a narwhal ivory handle ($18,850), but you might be able to snatch up a Glock umbrella. Or neckerchief.

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