Bloomberg Stop and Frisk Tactics Haven’t Curtailed Shootings

There’s a delicate balance between keeping the peace and preserving liberty.  For many New York City residents living under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s regime, that balance hasn’t just been displaced, but rather, it’s been completely thrown out of whack.

Since he took office in 2002, Bloomberg has championed draconian gun control laws and aggressive police procedures including a highly controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy.  The hope was that by adopting these highly invasive and Constitutionally dubious initiatives, gun violence in the Big Apple would come to a screeching halt.

However, a new study done by shows that Bloomberg’s police state approach is not working (For the record, Bloomberg does have a ‘Secret Police Unit,’.

The skyrocketing numbers of NYPD stop-and-frisks had little impact on the number of people shot in New York City or on gun violence in general during Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, a New York analysis of crime data has found.

While the NYPD was stopping and frisking a record 685,724 people last year, 1,821 people were victims of gunfire, according to NYPD and city statistics. That’s virtually the same number as in 2002, Bloomberg’s first year in office, when 1,892 people were shot, but just 97,296 people were frisked.

Yet, despite these cold hard facts, Bloomberg has continued to defend the stop-and-frisk operation.

Last week, he told the New York Daily News that while he found the statistics on shootings to be “worrisome,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly was “working on it.”

“There are still too many guns,” he added. “This is not a panacea for everything.”

He concluded by citing that the murder rate has dropped over the past year (shootings are up 6 percent, while the homicides are down 21 percent, according to the Daily News)

“What is clear is that the number of murders have come down dramatically,” Bloomberg said.

NYPD-botBut many experts argue that it’s the shooting number that matters and not the homicide rate if one is to evaluate the success of the stop-and-frisk program

“I make no distinction between murder and a shooting where someone’s hit,” one former top NYPD strategist told “On The Inside.”

“It could just be a good EMT at the scene, or doctor in the E.R., or a fraction of an inch where the bullet hit,” he added.

It’s no secret that advances in medicine have improved the homicide rate.  As pointed out, “on-scene triage by paramedics (they did not even carry defibrillators a decade ago), and the emergency room techniques of surgeons and hospital staff” have helped save lives.

The bottom line is the same number of people are being shot each year despite Bloomberg’s best efforts to curtail gun violence.  Meanwhile, the Constitutional rights and protections afforded to law-abiding citizens are being thrown out the window.  It appears that in his attempt to create a crime-free society Bloomberg is, in effect, creating a criminal government.

The question is how far will he go before he realizes the error of his ways?

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