FPS Russia Blows Stuff Up with M18 Hellcat Tank

Check out this FPS Russia video of the Hellcat tank destroyer. This guy really does have the world’s greatest job, doesn’t he?

FPS Russia may have bamboozled thousands of YouTube viewers with his last viral video that turned out to be a fake, but this M18 Hellcat is as real as it gets.

The M18 Hellcat was a WWII tank that had a reputation as the fastest armored tracked vehicle of its time. Of course, when ze Germans huddled around their campfires and talked about it, they only thing they probably ever mentioned was its Panzer-demolishing 76mm gun.

FPS Russia somehow managed to get his hands on one of these beauties and shot a killer video of the 76mm gun in action. He shot one round at a car (the car lost), another round at a shed (the shed also lost), and then shot a potato out of it. Be honest with yourself: if you got a M18 Hellcat for a weekend, you’d probably shoot potatoes out of it, too.

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