Rheinmetall Defense Unveils Military Conversion for VW Amarok

Rheinmetall Defense (RD) has unveiled a military conversion option for the Volkswagen Amarok at the Eurosatory defense expo. It should be the perfect option for consumers who want to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, and who also love German engineering.

RD is a company that’s in the business of strapping a gun to just about anything that doesn’t already have a gun strapped to it, and this is no exception. The set of military upgrades will transform the four-door short-bed pickup truck, into a powerful military-themed vehicle.

Options include advanced communication systems, a motorized turret for a machine gun or grenade gun, a reinforced suspension, and an engine snorkel for fording (or in this case, Volkswagening) deep rivers.
Rheinmetall Defense Amarok Conversion
These military features married to a reliable civilian transport vehicle should result in a solid death car for the inevitable Road Warrior-esque desert races after the coming apocalypse.

Autobild.de explains (with the help of Google Translate), “The cargo area (2.52 square meters or 3.57 square meters of double cab single cab) offers enough storage space for handguns, radio equipment or a big machine gun.” And added, “Trailers up to 2.8 tonnes with a NATO tow bar can be drawn.” That’s more than enough space to store gas and foodstuffs that you pillage from your local mutated biker gang.

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