Zippo Gun Fires 4mm Bullets

We’ve all seen lighters designed to look like guns, but how many of you have seen it the other way around?

This gun is about as tiny as it gets. Gizmodo explains that the 4mm bullets are about the size of Tic Tac and wouldn’t carry much of a punch. We wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of these, but at the same time you can’t be certain that this thing is going to deliver a kill shot.

It’s a novelty item more than anything else, though it does have some serious self-defense potential. Could you imagine carrying one of these around in a state where concealed carry is banned? Cops wouldn’t even give it a second glance. Here’s a video of the Lilliputian weapon in action:

This gun, which sold at auction for $7,000, operates by fully opening the lid. The barrel is oriented towards the back of the Zippo, ensuring that anybody who accepts a light from this fake gun may be getting their final cig.

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