Give Me My Stuff Back: Vietnam Vet Sues RI Police Chief for Return of Confiscated Guns

A Vietnam veteran is suing the police chief of Cranston, Rhode Island, in order to have his firearms and ceremonial samurai swords returned, WPRI reports.

A buddy of veteran Robert Machado phoned police when he feared that Machado was suicidal. The police promptly confiscated Machado’s weapons. Machado claims that it was all a big mistake and that his friend misunderstood him. Machado underwent a mental health evaluation at a local hospital, anyway, and he was released with a clean bill of health.

A note from his therapist should be enough to get his guns back, right? Nope. The police refused to return Machado’s property.

We’re not lawyers or anything, but this seems like a by-the-books case. It’s his legal property and the doctors say that everything checks out, so what’s the problem?

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