Blogger Details the Long, Arduous Road to Acquire a Glock Suppressor

The Miller, a blog writer and self-proclaimed gun enthusiasts, recently tracked his long and difficult struggle to acquire a firearm.

Some of you probably remember a piece that posted a while back about Emily Miller. She’s an investigative journalist who won a prestigious journalism reward for writing about all the hoops she had to jump through in order to acquire a gun in Washington, DC. In light of that story (which actually got quite a bit of mainstream media attention), we figured we’d point out The Miller’s blog, too.

Glock Suppressor

The Miller tracks the progress through a series of six blog posts. His most recent post culminated in his suppressor finally arriving. What’s really demoralizing is that his first post in the series was back in November. Jeesh, talk about a long wait time. Your package will arrive in 100 to 102 business days.

You can find The Miller’s posts on his site. Here’s a brief breakdown of what each post covers.

  • Part 1, Nov. 26 – The Miller announced, “I’ll take it,” filled out a form, and paid for the suppressor.
  • Part 2, Nov. 30 – The Miller went to the local CVS to print out a few passport photos, and then went to the Country Courthouse to finish his fingerprint cards.
  • Part 3, Dec. 15 – A package was waiting for The Miller when he returned home. It was his completed ATF Form 4! He cuts a check to the ATF for $200.
  • Part 4, Mar. 26 – Nothing has happened! It’s been four months, and because The Miller is such a stand-up guy he told all of his loyal readers that he hasn’t forgotten about them.
  • Part 5, June 12 – Still nothing. This reminds us of trying to suffer through the month of December as a kid, eagerly waiting for the holidays.
  • Part 6, June 14 – It’s here!
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