Survey Says! Voters Not a Fan of Eric Holder

Newsmax reports that approximately 40 percent of Americans want Eric Holder to resign because of the Fast and Furious scandal. Now’s really not a good time to be Eric Holder, is it?

A survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports determined that 40 percent of voters are likely to give Holder the boot. By comparison, only 27 percent of people think that he should stay and the remaining 33 percent are undecided. The survey received answers from 1000 likely voters and it has determined that Holder is the single most unpopular member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet.

Statistics can be a bit tiresome, so we’ll break them down into easily digestible chunks:

Opinions about Holder

  • 24 percent: Voters who have a favorable opinion of Holder (includes the 8 percent who have a very favorable opinion)
  • 48 percent: Voters who have an unfavorable opinion of Holder (includes the 32 percent who have a very unfavorable opinion)
  • 28 percent: Voters who don’t know or don’t have an opinion on Holder

People who care

  • 50 percent: Voters who follow the controversy somewhat closely
  • 24 percent: Voters who follow it very closely
  • 26 percent: Voters who don’t follow the case

Was Fast and Furious successful?

  • 11 percent: Voters who say it was a success
  • 45 percent: Voters who say it was a failure
  • 44 percent: Voters who aren’t sure

Was the Justice Department honest with Congress?

  • 11 percent: Yes
  • 45 percent: No
  • 44 percent: Unsure

Overall, it looks like people aren’t a big fan of Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious scandal. Will these disgruntled voters make their opinions heard in the voting booth this November? Only time will tell.

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