Eric Holder Folds Under Contempt Pressure; ATF May Have to Hand Over F&F Documents

Eric Holder is up to his mustache in trouble over the Fast and Furious scandal. He recently buckled under the threat of contempt charges (at last) and appears willing to help investigators do their job. Still, he called the contempt charges an “impending constitutional crisis.” It sounds a bit more like “an impending Holder crisis.”

Though, it’s possible that Holder has turned over a new leaf. The Blaze reports that after all of the stalling and inaction from the Justice Department, Holder recently sent a letter to Darrel Issa, the chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, saying that the Justice Department “is prepared to offer an extraordinary accommodation of the Committee’s interest [… by] explaining how the Department’s understanding of the facts of Fast and Furious evolved during the post-February 4 period.”

Even if Holder is suddenly taking the steps to evade a contemptuous bullet, that doesn’t mean that everybody’s suddenly getting along. Judicial Watch plans to sue the ATF to obtain records of communications between the ATF and the White House. They believe that the Freedom of Information Act should give them the legal firepower they need to wrench the documents out of the ATF’s hands and into the public domain, Politico reports.

It looks as though things are coming together so that the American people will finally get the facts about the Fast and Furious scandal.

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