London Olympic Shooting Venues Makes Art Out of Bullet Holes

The London Olympics will be hosting the 10, 25 and 50 meter Sport Shooting Games in a custom-built enclosed shooting range that is designed to look like it’s been riddled with bullets.

Olympic architects are really trying to one-up each other, aren’t they? Anybody who watched the Chinese Olympics will remember the bubbly Beijing Water Cube. Not to be outdone, the British see them their Water Cube and raise them a bullet-hole Cube.
London Shooting Venue
The London Shooting Venue features purple-red protrusions that make it look like somebody shot up the place with a 5-foot-caliber gun. What’s so neat about these bullet holes is that they’re multipurpose. The holes near the ground act as entrances and the others act as ventilation intake to keep the inside naturally cool. The architects managed to incorporate art and functionality into a single design feature.

Magma Architecture, the designers of the building, took a similar approach with the ceiling. It’s composed of a fine mesh fabric to provide just enough sunlight, but not so much that it will be glaring on the athletes.

It’s an interesting and immediately eye-catching design. If the architects were trying to make the building playful and quirky, yet reminiscent of bullet holes then they succeeded. Though, we’re not sure if making the rest of the building white was the best call. It’s a tiny bit too reminiscent of skin. Is it just us, or does anybody else think that building looks like it has a bad case of acne?

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