Cutting it Short: Michigan to Redefine Pistol Length

Michigan lawmakers are rewriting the book on pistols with a new piece of legislation, WNEM reports. The Michigan House of Representatives unanimously passed Senate Bills 760-762 with a 110-0 vote. It also cruised through the Senate with a 36-2 vote.

Unlike so many pieces of gun legislation nowadays, these bills aren’t concerned with being pro-gun rights or pro-gun control. Their focus is to change the definition of guns to make Michigan gun laws easier to understand and closer to the standards set by other states.

Currently, Michigan defines a pistol as a firearm with an overall length of 30 inches or less. If passed, these bills will redefine a pistol to a firearm that is 26 inches or less. This might sound like splitting hairs, but the legislation should help to clear up confusion among firearm manufacturers, retailers, law enforcement, and gun owners because this will make pistol definitions more in line with the pistol definitions in other states.

Ruler Pistol

Michigan gun owners who own a pistol in the 26.1 to 30 inch range won’t be affected by the legislation. Your not-quite-pistols will be grandfathered over. The legislation won’t touch federal and state requirements for background checks, nor will it change any other major laws related to firearms. Really, all it’s going to do is change which firearms Michigan considers to be a pistol.

The bills are on their way to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk, where they’ll be one signature away from becoming law.

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