Check Out This Texas Triggers Promo For a Glimpse of Paradise (VIDEO)

Check out this promotional video for Texas Triggers, a group that lets anybody come and train with some of the best gun experts on earth and shoot some of the coolest firearms around.

This promo breaks the mold for competition shooting videos. Rather than hard rock and fast-paced editing, this video shows viewers what they can expect if they sign up for the three-day fantasy gun camp for adults: guns, guns, and more guns. Oh, and also shooting from a zip line-mounted chair.

And the best part about Texas Triggers is that they will help you live out your Top Shot fantasies. They’ve got every stage from the TV show, except that you don’t have to worry about pissing off your teammates and getting kicked off the range because you miss a shot.

Not only will the experts help you hone your gun skills, but they will also give you an opportunity to fire off weapons that are either too expensive or too illegal to shoot in your home state. How would you like to get your hands on an M2 machine gun or a grenade launcher? How would you like to shoot those weapons as custom-built courses designed to test your blowing-stuff-up skills? Yes, please.

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