Bulletproof Armor vs. Knives, Arrows, and Slingshots (VIDEO)

Joerg Sprave, a German slingshot expert famous for designs like the machete slingshot, slingshot cannon and the slingshot Gatling gun, posted a video of how well police-grade body armor holds up against non-gun weapons.

Let’s jump right into the test:

  • Conventional Slingshot with 50mm ball: Caused a dent
  • Aluminum Slingshot with wide bands and a 90mm ball: Caused a dent
  • 20mm ball fired from some awesome-looking slingshot/crossbow hybrid: Caused a dent
  • Cold Steel blowgun: The dart stuck in, but then fell off
  • Knife Shooter: Penetrated the body armor just barely
  • Thrown Knife: Squat diddly
  • Homemade crossbow: Bounced off and nearly killed the camerawoman
  • Samurai Sword: Sliced part of the body armor, but not all of it
  • Zombie Hammer: The hammer did not pierce, and the armor almost broke the hammer

So, what have we learned? We’ve discovered that Germans engineering plus an abnormal love of slingshot results in some truly badass medieval weapons. We also learned that the bulletproof vest hold up fairly well to just about everything except for a knife shooter.

We can only hope that gun manufacturers watch this video. Knife throwers, zombie hammers and unconventional weapons are an untapped market. These things would just fly off the shelves!

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