Campus Carry Debate: Kansas Student May Face Charges for Keeping Gun in Dorm

Douglas Country police in Kansas are deciding whether or not they want to press charges against a 22-year-old Kansas University student who kept a gun in his dorm room.

The controversy stems from a tricky wording in Kansas gun legislature. Kansas law gives citizens the right to protect themselves in their homes, but does that law still apply if you consider your home to be a dorm room? Some young gun owners feel that it does, while university officials and campus police generally disagree.

Wade Robinson, the vice president of Washington State University, shared his the gun control stance with Kakeland News, “Clearly you’re best served as a campus not to have weapons of any kind. Certainly not guns and ammunition on campus. When you have that reasonable discussion, I think that’s the conclusion that people come to.”

Evidently, the bulk of the student body agrees with Robinson. Every student who spoke with Kakeland news was against the idea of guns on campus. One student added, “I feel it’s a bit unnecessary because, say they have a problem that escalates and they may be more apt to use it instead of going to university authorities to properly solve the issue.”

It seems that the overwhelming majority of people on this college campus are against students keeping guns. But, that’s the tricky thing about rights. Isn’t the whole point of a right that it still applies, even when everybody around you wants to take it away?

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