Gun Rights Victory! Ohio House Passes Pro-Concealed Carry Bill

Ohio House scored a major victory for gun rights advocates and citizens who want to carry a concealed firearm, Reuters reports. House Bill 495 passed through the House with a 57 to 26 vote that basically fell along party lines, with Republicans winning the majority, unsurprisingly.

The bill will cut some more slack for citizens with concealed carry permits. First of all, they will no longer need to meet a “demonstrated competency” requirement when citizens attempt to renew their concealed carry permit a second time. It will also do away with a prohibition on keeping a loaded magazine in the same vehicle with a firearm.

For all of you non-Ohioans out there who read this news and think, “Eh, no big deal,” then we should point out that bill could also benefit you. The bill would require Ohio to recognize out-of-state concealed carry licenses.

Of course, this bill has only jumped the first hurdle in a long race towards becoming a law. The measure will need to survive the Senate later this fall and there’s always the possibility of a veto. Though, considering that Gov. John Kasich has a record of voting for looser gun control laws, that seems unlikely.

Linda Walker, chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio, was pleased about the progress. She told The Columbus Dispatch, “Anyone who values the Constitution, as our forefathers wrote it, they see the flaws with Ohio’s firearms laws. Our job is to restore the Second Amendment to what it was.”

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