One Year Later, Fast and Furious Whistleblower Speaks Out

About a year ago, Special Agent John Dodson blew the whistle on the Fast and Furious scandal; he recently told Fox News his thoughts. To succinctly sum it all up, Dodson isn’t thrilled about the way things have been handled.

Dodson had reservations about Fast and Furious from the beginning. He wondered if the government was willing to accept the consequences of sending guns into Mexico. He asked his superiors “if they were prepared to go to the funeral of a Border Patrol agent over this or Cochise County deputy – if they were prepared to watch that widow accept that folded flag because that’s exactly what was going to happen.” Sounds like Dodson should quit working of the government and take up a job as a fortune teller.

When his prediction inevitably came true he decided that he had to act. Dodson told Fox News that he was raised in the south by a family with strong values, so he had to come forward. Dodson explained, “It’s not a matter of me feeling vindicated. … Maybe the truth will come out — ultimately that’s what this is supposed to be about … to get the truth.”

Yeah, we’re with ya. It’s been a year and still nobody has been held accountable for the scandal. Dodson pointed to the recent Secret Service prostitiution scandal, adding, “Did we have to wait on an [Inspector General] report? No. In three weeks 10 guys were gone. The GSA scandal? Dealt with and gone. We shouldn’t have to wait a year on a OIG report.”

If you’re wondering what’s happened to Dodson in the year since blowing the whistle, he has been forced to move out of Arizona and is on leave because of accusations from his superiors (despite mounds of evidence in his defense).

It’s been a rough ride for John Dodson, but would like to thank him for doing the right thing and speaking out, even though speaking out hasn’t really gotten us any closer to the truth.

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