WV Man Shoots Himself to Promote Book, Gets Caught (Oops!)

Police suspect that Ray Dolin shot himself in order to promote his book, “Kindness in America.”

The original story was so ironic that it was bound to make headlines. Dolin was thumbing it through rural Montana when a man in a truck allegedly pulled up next to Dolin and shot him in the arm. Dolin was able to flag down another motorist, who contacted the police. A manhunt ensued, resulting in the capture of a Washington State man suspected of committing the crime.

The catch? The man police captured was completely innocent. Dolin pulled the trigger on himself, Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier told KTVQ. Investigators found out that Dolin purchased a gun in West Virginia and after a bit of ace detective work an FBI agent and two sheriff deputies confronted Dolin in the hospital. Dolin “completely broke down,” according to Meier, and admitted to shooting himself.

He did not say that he did it to promote his book, however. You know – he probably just did it for the fun of getting shot. Meier was quick to point out that the Valley County community has been wounded by the case: “It hurts our feelings to have people come and do these things and insinuate that we’re a bad community.”

C’mon, Ray Dolin. Why’re you trying to make Montanans look bad? What’d they ever do to you?

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