Think You're Good? This 13-year-old Can Outshoot Experts Twice His Age (VIDEO)

This video shows Dylan Holsey, a 13-year-old boy, beating his elders in a competition shooting match, Guns & Ammo reports.

Every once in a while, you hear about superhuman child prodigies who beat the pants off of adults who are twice their age. Bobby Fischer won the US Chess Championship at the age of 14. Michael Kearney earned a degree at 10 and was teaching college at 17. Dylan Holsey beat a machine gun at target breaking at age 13.

Holsey is one of the youngest shooters on the Cowboy Action Shooting scene, but don’t let his age fool you. This kid can outshoot adults who have been pulling the trigger for several decades – and with a handicap, at that.

One of the regulars on “American Guns” put his reputation on the line by going up against Holsey in a shooting match. John Watson stepped up to the plate with a MAC-10, while Dylan Holsey had his trusty competition lever rifle.

With pinpoint accuracy and fluid grace, Holsey poked a hole through each of the nine targets. It was a close match, but Holsey beat the veteran shooter by mere fractions of a second.

Talk about a blow to your ego. Let’s just hope Holsey doesn’t come around these parts – the last thing we need is to get shown up by a kid young enough to be our son.

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