Cleveland PD and Stag Arms Shake Hands Over 100 Assault Rifle Contract

Stag Arms has just landed a contract with the Cleveland, Ohio police department to supply them with 100 new rifles, the company said in a press release.

Stag Arms worked closely with the Cleveland Police Department to develop a rifle that would adhere to the department’s minimum standard requirements while remaining economically reasonable.

What Stag Arms came up with is an accessorized modification of the Model 2 (ain’t it a beaut?), which they custom-built “from the ground up.” The rifle comes with ambidextrous safety selectors, Eotech 517 sights, and the police department’s logo on the side.
Stag Arms logo
Sgt. Sammy Morris was looking forward to receiving the rifles, which are due in sometime later this week. Morris said that they would be a dramatic improvement over the shotguns that they currently using, and added, “Perhaps the greatest advantage is the pinpoint accuracy – they also weigh less, are more compact, hold 20 rounds compared to five, and are much easier to operate with reduced recoil.”

Stag Arms was equally optimistic about the contract. Mark Malkowski, the owner and president of Stag Arms, said, “Having a reliable weapon is essential to fighting crime – we look forward to outfitting Cleveland PD with rifles they can count on and hope to foster a partnership with them for many years to come.”

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