Pro-Gun NC Bar and Restaurant Bill Lingers in Senate Limbo

Pro-gun advocates in North Carolina fear that the Senate Finance Committee is letting an important piece of pro-gun legislation sit on the back burner, WBTV reports.

Currently, it’s only legal for owners or leasees to carry a concealed firearm in a public dining establishment. House Bill 111 would enable concealed weapon carriers to bring their firearms into restaurants and bars.

That’s assuming that it passes. The Senate has been dragging its feet over the issue, prompting some gun owners to suspect that the inaction is intentional. Sen. Phil Berger (Rep.), the Senate leader, claims that they’ve just been too swamped with budget issues and that they’ll get to the vote eventually.

Pro-gun advocates are left wringing their hands over the delay. Several recent incidents have left two restaurant-goers dead. Edward Rosen was shot and killed by a robber at a restaurant, and Danielle Watson, a pregnant restaurant manager, was stabbed to death by another employee.

Theoretically, this bill would help to prevent robbers or belligerents from using lethal force against innocent restaurant patrons. Plus, restaurant owners would be well-equipped in case Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield decide to stop in for a muffin.

And before you start imagining people mixing guns with alcohol in public establishments, don’t worry: it will still be illegal to drink while carrying a concealed loaded weapon in public.

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