Zimmerman Reenacts the Events of the Trayvon Martin Shooting for Police

The Orlando Sentinel reports that a new video has just been released today of George Zimmerman re-enacting the events of that fateful night. Defense attorney Mark O’Mara released this video to the public, giving everybody an unprecedented look at first-hand evidence.

A cameraman in the back seat follows Zimmerman and an unnamed police officer driving through the neighborhood where the Trayvon Martin shooting occurred. In the first clip, Zimmerman directs the police through the neighborhood while he describes the events leading up to the shooting. The second clip goes into the brutal details of the Zimmerman-Martin fight.

We won’t even begin to analyze the video, because there’s enough spin on the case already. You can watch the clips and make up your own mind:

After watching these clips, we think we can understand why the defense made these public. This version of the story and his battle scars will probably help drum up some sympathy for Zimmerman.

Zimmerman looks worse for wear in the video. He’s sporting bandages on the back of his head and a bulky skin-tone bandage on his nose. According to Zimmerman, the wounds on the back of his head came when Trayvon Martin slammed his head into the cement, and Zimmerman’s nose was broken when Martin punched him in the face.

For more evidence, you can check out the Wikipedia page on the Trayvon Martin shooting, which includes 911 recordings.

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