Build Your Own Toy Wooden Machine Gun with These 1941 Blueprints

Boing Boing dug up this old treasure: the blueprints to construct a wooden toy submachine gun that continuously fires up to 15 wooden dowels. The article comes from the 1941 issue of Mechanix Illustrated, a magazine that published its last issue in 2001.

This toy gun would be the dream weapon of any young boy. It has a lifelike size, an impressive heft, and it’s easy enough to build that anybody with a full toolbox should be able to throw one together.

The gun utilizes a clever “tromboning” mechanism that allows the user to rapidly fire gravity-fed wooden dowels. You may think that newer guns are automatically better, but this gun has a couple advantages over modern BB guns. It has a faster rate of fire than your average BB Gun, and it’s much less dangerous if your kid ever decides to set his sights on the neighbor’s cat.

If you enjoy working with your hands and you’re willing to endure some of the most awkward prose we’ve ever seen, you can find the instructions and the blueprints online. The writer of Mechanix Illustrated boasts that the toy gun will need little more than wood, nails and rubber bands, and it will not require any “hard to get” parts.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re only a few planks of wood and about a hundred splinters away from building your very own wooden machine gun.

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