Grandma: Back in My Day, We Didn't Have Mac Book Pros and iPhones to Use for Target Practice

Take a look at this shotgun-toting grandma blowing the electronic guts out of Steve Jobs’ creations.

Old people vs. technology is one of nature’s longest rivalries. Technology usually takes the upper hand, because it continues to improve while old people just get hip pain and arthritis. Well, the old folks are ready to take a stand (even if it is with the help of a walker).

This elderly sharpshooter is showing off her skills as she demolishes a Mac Book Pro and a few iPhones. She’s kind of the opposite of that gunslinging kid we covered yesterday, isn’t she?

Here’s the full clip, but take our advice: you may want to mute it. It’s got one of the most annoying narrations we’ve ever come across. We think he’s trying to replicate an Apple commercial, when really he should have just let the brilliance of a grandma sharpshooter speak for itself. It was funny enough without his directionless commentary.

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