Worried About al-Qaeda? This Israeli Training Course Teaches Anti-Terrorism Tactics

Caliber 3, a shooting facility in West Bank, Israel, gives tourists a chance to experience real counter-terrorism training from former Israeli Defense Force soldiers, NY Daily reports. Krav Maga sold separately.

Tourism is a booming industry in Israel. Not only is it smack-dab in the middle of the most important holy ground for several prominent world religions, but they’re also one of the most US-friendly countries in the Middle East. Visitors to the sun-baked country can experience some world history, view ancient temples, or learn how to defend against a terrorist attack.

Caliber 3 pairs tourists with some of the top terrorist-fighting ass-kickers in the world. The two-hour course will teach the basics of how to handle hostage situations, weapon firing, and how to create a defense plan. Plus, you’ll be perfectly prepared just in case al-Qaeda ever decides to blow up your house (we lie awake at night worried about that possibility).

IDF Soldiers at Caliber 3

And when you’re ready to shoot up some simulated terrorists, Caliber 3 also offers paintball games and other target practice activities.

Going to the Middle East and learning how to take down terrorists may not seem like everybody’s cup of hummus, but the industry is booming. The manager of Caliber 3, Sharon Gat, said, “This is a special program created due to popular demand. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Michael Brown, a man who flew in from Florida with his family, agreed. He signed up his young kids for the course, saying, “This is part of their education. They should know where they come from and also feel some action.” Uzis, special tactics, and gun ranges? It sure beats Disney World.

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