Armed Samaritan Saves Damsel in Distress From Moustache-Twirling Robber

An armed Samaritan literally ran to the rescue of a damsel in distress, the AP reports.

Dennis Terry, a 61-year-old Georgian, was driving to the post office when he saw a man and a woman fighting over a bag. Terry later recalled the event: “I had the windows up but I could hear the first lick he hit her with because it was so hard.” At that point, Terry leapt from the truck with pistol in hand and charged at the apparent robber, shouting, “You get down and turn her loose or I’ll shoot!”

The thief fled the scene (wouldn’t you?), though the police were able to track him down about five hours later. Police arrested 57-year-old Samuel Tyrone Evans, a career criminal who’s been in jail nine times, and have charged him with felony gun possession and battery. This time, he was out of jail for about two weeks before he was back to robbing. 

It’s hard to evaluate whether Terry’s actions were heroic or unnecessary. After all, it’s impossible to say whether or not the woman would have been harmed more than she was if Terry hadn’t come to her rescue. Regardless of “ifs” and “maybes,” what is absolutely certain is that Terry came to the woman’s rescue and the most that she experienced was a few scrapes and bruises, a lost purse, and probably some heart-thumping fear. We can’t say if the crime would have escalated, but we can’t definitely say that Terry proved to be a valiant and responsible gun owner who used his firearm to prevent crimes rather than cause them.

Terry claimed, “Things could have turned out in a bad way, but I will tell you this, if he had come at me with that gun I would have shot him.” Evidently, the robber made one right choice admist a lifetime of mistakes by turning and running

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