The Ultimate Power Tool: The Glock Drill

Well we’ve seen a Colt nail gun, and a Mossberg “chainsaw” shotgun, so it’s only natural that we see Glock-Drill.

A member of the Glock Forum shared pictures of a modified Glock-Dewalt Drill hybrid that is an excellent tool for drilling holes, just not in the conventional way.

Glock Drill gunMark Bilicki, a gun trainer at Allen Arms Indoor Range in Greenville, South Carolina, worked with local gunsmith James Oberkirsch to do a bit of gun modding (or is this drill modding?) to create bumblebee yellow-and-black Glock Model 21.45 that looks pretty darn close to a DeWalt drill.

We suppose that you could use this drill to try confuse people and get around open carry laws, but walking around with a bright yellow power drill isn’t really any less threatening than keeping a gun holstered around your belt. Despite its rather dubious functionality, we can still safely file this under the “That’s really neat!” category.

Just to be clear, this contraption is about 99 percent gun and 1 percent drill. The gun is fully functional, and even though there’s a drill bit poking out of the front of it, this is not a power tool. You could probably use it like one if you really wanted to, but we can’t really recommend that.

You might just piss off the Misses if you try to install the door hinges on your recent home addition with this thing.

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