NRA Opens Museum of the West for SASS Cowboys

The NRA Blog has announced that the National Rifle Association has allowed its National Firearms Museum to open up a satellite museum, the NRA Firearms of the West. Wild west, that is.

The museum is conveniently located at Founders Ranch in New Mexico, the home of the Single Action Shooting Society’s World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting: End of Trail. Basically, it’s a museum full of historic and famous Wild West guns in a town where a bunch of people gather every year to pretend to be cowboys. The NRA couldn’t have found a better spot for the museum if they tried.

While the museum certainly does have a historic theme, it’s more about recent movies than it is about authentic Wild West gunslingers. The museum displays some of Hollywood’s most recognizable guns, straight from some famous Westerners and popular gun movies. Do you feel nostalgic? Well, do ya, punk?

The museum was free and open to the public throughout the End of Trail competition for any cowboy who wanted to mosey on down and check out some gun history. There’s speculation that the museum will be open at Founder’s Ranch every year to correspond with the competition, but there’s currently no word as to whether that’s a likelihood or wishful thinking.

For updates, stay tuned to For more information on the NRA, visit their website, while those interested in the NRA museum should visit their website. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.
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