Spinning Ice Bullets! (VIDEO)

Several semi-viral YouTube videos shows brave risk-takers shooting bullets into solid ice to get the bullets to spin.

As it turns out, bullets will spin at high speeds after colliding with ice. Who knew?

Now before we get too far into this, there are about 30 lawyers behind us looking over our shoulders to make sure we add, “Don’t try this at home.” So, you know, don’t try this at home. Shooting a bullet when you expect it to ricochet backwards is just asking for trouble, especially when you don’t use a barrier or proper safety precautions.

As dangerous as this stunt might be, that doesn’t make it any less cool. These bullets spin at incredibly high speeds, obviously much faster than a person could achieve with his hands. There are whole series of spinning ice bullet videos on YouTube, so you can check them out here if you want to see more.

And just in case this video is setting off your BS-meter, Mythbusters also tackled this phenomenon. They managed to replicate a spinning ice bullet, too. That’s rifling you can see!

At least, we guess that it’s because of the rifling. Does anybody know? All we’ve been able to uncover is a lot of people scratching their heads over this. We need some physic professor gun owners in here!

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