Crimson Trace Brings Infrared Lasers to the Consumer Market

Crimson Trace is bringing a family of new infrared laser sights to the market for night vision enthusiasts and budget-minded operators. Advances in technology have made night vision reachable by a very large portion of the shooting market, enabling hunters, wildlife management, tactical gear hounds and law enforcement working with limited resources to see in the dark.

Infrared lasers are only visible to night vision equipment, and project a beam of energy that most animals can’t detect.

And they go a log way to making shooting in the dark easier, but until recently have been largely military equipment, which for most domestic purposes, means being overbuilt and very expensive. The consumer options have been limited, but these Crimson Trace offerings change that.

Crimson Trace MVF

Crimson Trace is starting with two universal infrared laser sights, a standard Picatinny rail-mounted Rail Master mini-laser and MVF Modular Foregrip. The Rail Master is small enough for handguns but can be installed on any rifle with a rail. The MVF is only for rifles and as the name suggests, is a laser built into a vertical forward grip. The MVF also includes a powerful 200-lumen weapon light for use with daytime optics.

Following these universal laser sights Crimson Trace will begin distributing Lasergrips for Glock and 1911 pistols, and then from there move on to other gun-specific accessories. These infrared laser sights are made to the same specifications as their existing visible light laser sights and will be priced in the same bracket, with MSRPs between $300 and $600, and real-world prices being significantly less than that.

As these are subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations, they will only be available in the coming weeks to select distributors, and may not be exportable to specific people and countries. How’s that for a gun accessory?

Upcoming for the 1911

“Listening to our customers and the marketplace, adding these IR platforms to our commercial line up address consistent requests we receive as the market leader,” said Kent Thomas, Director of Marketing for Crimson Trace. “In preparation for the launch, we field-tested the Rail Master’s performance on two Texas hog hunts this spring. In both cases, they turned in outstanding performances and surpassed our already high expectations on multiple weapon platforms in complete darkness.”

So if you’re interested in expanding your nocturnal shooting horizons, you might benefit from infrared laser sights. And priced where they are, they might just make for an interesting piece of kit to have, even if you’re not a serious hunter or in law enforcement. Let’s face it, night vision and infrared lasers are just plain cool, and the fact that prices are coming down to the point where almost anyone can equip themselves with this gear is good times for all.

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