Friend of the Brian Terry Family Speaks with NRA News Over Fast & Furious and Executive Privilege (VIDEO)

Firearms Truth reports that the friends and family of Brian Terry has released a statement on NRA News regarding President Barack Obama’s executive privilege assertion. As you might expect, they aren’t terribly thrilled about how the government has handled the Fast and Furious scandal.

You can watch the video of NRA News host Cam Edwards speaking to Lana Domino, a friend of the Brian Terry family, below. You can also find a full copy of the Terry family statement here.

Domino’s exasperation is evident: “Who has been fired by Mr. Holder? What’s been done? Nothing.” She adds, “The only people that suffered were the ATF agents […] They all got, you know, messed with. […] Anybody who stood up to do the right thing has been nothing but messed with by the DoJ and punished by the ATF.”

They also discuss the sticky situation surrounding executive privilege, with Domino claiming that “Obama never really stuck to his promise.” They point to a clip of Obama speaking to CNN, wherein he states that executive privilege is frequently subject to abuse, and he promises that an Obama administration will not take advantage of that power.

The politics of the situation are complicated, but everybody from the left and the right should be able to agree that it’s a true shame that the Terry family hasn’t received any concrete answers over the death of Brian Terry. At the very least, somebody should be brought to justice for this mistake.

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