Outbreak: Omega Brings in Biggest Zombie-Slaying Crowd Ever with 1,400 Attendees

Outbreak: Omega, the original and most extensive 3-gun zombie shoot in the nation, set a new record by bringing in over 1,400 zombie slayers. The event announcement also set a record, prompting 4,500 responses on Facebook.

Forget weekend getaways at a bed and breakfast. You want to treat your gal to a date she’ll never forget? Then zombie shooting is the way to go. Hosted in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Outbreak: Omega is a two-day event that includes just about every zombie-popping event you can imagine, including a “zombie safari” course, which allows participants to unload shotgun blasts into zombies from a moving vehicle. They’ve also got 26 other zombie-themed shooting events, demonstration booths, and on-site RV and car parking.

If you didn’t go to the event, then boy did you miss out. Remington handed out prize packages that included a 1911 R1 pistol, a Model 870 Express Tactical, a VersaMax Tactical, a Model 700 and a Model 597 to ensure that everyone would be fully equipped to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Altogether, the total giveaways added up to over $100,000 in prizes from sponsors, such as Remington, Bushmaker, Marlin, and Luminox.

But don’t feel too upset. A few video clips from the event showed you what you missed.

Who knew that he end of the world could be this much fun? We almost can’t wait for the zombie virus to cut loose and let the excitement begin.

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