The Writing On the Wall: Pro-Gun Legislators Show Frankly Terrible Crime Statistics to Campus Officials

College Stats reports that this year, 10 states are taking a good, hard look at their state’s campus carry laws to figure out if the ban on firearms is doing more harm than good.

The US Secret Service, the Department of Education, and the FBI released a report on targeted violence across American campuses, and they found that now isn’t a good time to be a defenseless college student. Take a look at the numbers for yourself:

crime on campus stats infographic

They say that every cloud has a silver lining. Students are suffering as the victims of crime in record numbers, but this might be the catalyst that will allow gun advocates to push through some pro-gun legislation that allows students, teachers, and college workers to defend themselves on campus.

You can find a more thorough break-down of the state-by-state specifics at College Stats, but we’ll give you the highlights.

  • Arizona: It took a Congresswoman nearly getting killed in a shooting for the legislators to push a bill up to the governor, but Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed it.
  • Colorado: Colorado University banned guns on campus, despite the fact that Colorado law made campus carry legal. Courts said “Nuh-uh” and ruled that CU’s ban violated law.
  • Georgia: Legislators like Stephen Allison are pointing to the problem of school violence, hoping that people will see guns as the solution.
  • Indiana: Sen. Jim Banks is throwing pro-gun bills against a political brick wall, leaving college campuses to ban as they please.
  • Kansas: The Senate shelved the vote on a bill that would have drastically loosened gun restrictions.
  • Michigan: A bill that would nix “pistol free zones” in the state is drifting aimlessly through Senate limbo.
  • New Hampshire: The Senate put a hold on a bill that would have made it impossible for publicly owned buildings to ban firearms. If that weren’t bad enough, the governor pledged to veto it.
  • Oregon: Gun control advocates just barely managed to kill a bill with a 14-15 vote. The bill would have banned guns on campus.
  • Texas: You’d think that Texas would be the poster state for campus carry, but legislators have stalled out over three separate campus carry bills.
  • Virginia: The recent court ruling that Virginia Tech was negligent in response to the shooting tragedy has prompted law makers and college officials to reconsider State delegate Bob Marshall’s campus carry law, which was defeated twice.

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