Will Women Be Equal to Men on the Range?

YouTube user FateofDestinee is calling out insensitive males at the shooting range and asking for a bit of respect.

We’re usually not in the habit of posting YouTube rants (because who wants to listen to a stranger complain on the Internet?) but we feel that this topic hits close to home. In such an overwhelmingly male-dominated sport, it would be great if we could get some more ladies interested in it. Though, if men out there are treating women the way FateofDestinee claims they are, it’s no surprise that most women stay home while their guys take a trip to the shooting range.

She breaks them up into a few stereotypical types. Take a step back and try to think about yourself for a moment. Are you guilty of any of these?

  • Ladies’ Men: “Hey, baby, check out my big phallic gun! I’m fully loaded and ready to go! Wooo, I love chicks and guns!”
  • Protectors: These are the guys who automatically assume that ladies are just one mouse away from a damsel in distress who needs rescuing. Treating a woman like she needs to be protected automatically assumes that she’s weak.
  • Gawkers: “A woman… at the shooting range? Quick, grab the camera! We can put the photograph of her next to our blurry shot of Bigfoot.”
  • Salespeople: Women must like pink guns, right? These guys make assumptions that women don’t know the first thing about firearms, so they should automatically default to a .22 with pink grips. Nevermind the fact that the salesman is talking to a veteran gun owner, who just so happens to be female.
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