CVA's Newest Accura Mountain Rifle (VIDEO)

Connecticut Valley Arms, or CVA, is introducing a new muzzleloader in their Accura line, the Mountain Rifle. The Accura MR is designed to be lighter and easier to handle and carry in the muzzleloader tradition of mountain rifles.

The Mountain Rifle has all of the features of the Accura V2, and maintains the break-action design using CVA’s popular Quick-Release Breach Plug (QRBP). The QRBP, common to many CVA muzzleloaders, is a very well-designed breach plug that is easy to remove, even without tools.

The Mountain Rifle, like the other Accura and Apex rifles, uses 416 stainless steel match-grade Bergara barrels, which are made to tolerances and specifications normally reserved for centerfire target rifles. In fact, CVA guarantees that these rifles will be the most accurate muzzleloaders you will ever shoot, and offers them with a money-back guarantee if you can say otherwise.

With the breaching lever built into the trigger guard, it’s also an easy-to-use ambidextrous muzzleloader. Rounding out the features include a composite stock with rubber grip inserts, a Realtree camo and desert tan Weatherguard finish, a one-piece scope mount (the rifle is drilled and tapped at the factory), a recoil-absorbing buttpad, a solid aluminum ramrod with a flared “PalmSaver” heel to distribute the pressure across a larger portion of your hand and it comes with a rifle sling as well.

The only real differences between the Accura MR and the V2 are barrel length and weight. The Mountain rifle drops two inches of barrel and uses an aluminum alloy receiver instead of steel to weigh in at just 6.35 pounds.

The Accura MR is not a budget-oriented muzzleloader, as you would expect from the quality of the build components. It is shipping now and should be available for under $600, closer to $500. As far as prices go, they’re not the cheapest muzzleloaders but their utilitarian nature is still reflected by the sticker, and as far as features go, they’re hard to match.

So if you’re looking to get a muzzleloader you can carry all day without sacrificing an inch when it comes to accuracy and ease-of-use, you should consider the Connecticut Valley Arms Mountain Rifle. It brings a lot of modern hunting rifle features to the world of muzzleloaders.

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