Stare Down the Barrel of a Gun With This Gun-Shaped Peephole

Because placing a sign on your front yard that says, “Watch out, scumbags, we’re packing heat” is just a little bit too overt for some people’s taste, this gun-shaped peephole will allow homeowners to convey the same message in a much more subtle (albeit kitschy) way.
Pistol Peep Hole
Created by Shamrock Manufacturing, these peepholes come in a variety of styles, including the 1911, the Glock, and the Revolver. Any of them can be yours for the low price of $22.45, shipping and handling included. The website boasts that the peepholes are easy to install in a variety of door widths, and they are “proudly made in the USA!”

Clearly, this type of peephole isn’t for everybody. In a way, it automatically turns your front door into both a joke and a threat. It seems like it’d send the right message to intruders (“This is your first and only warning”) but the wrong message to friends and family (“You’re not welcome”). Of course, if you’re friends with the type of people who would get the joke, so to speak, they’d probably be more amused than put off by it.

And if you really wanted to pull out all of the stops, you could also install these Bang Bang Handles to have the most pro-gun front door on the block. Just don’t be surprised if people on your street start referring to you as, “That crazy guy with all the guns sticking out of his house.”

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