DIY Kevlar Ballistic Mask

Eric of The Post Apoc blog posted the steps he took to create this homemade Kevlar ballistic mask.

He was faced with the same dilemma that so many other gun owners have to debate with themselves: as cool as ballistic masks might be, are they worth $400? Well, this do-it-yourselfer decided that his answer was “no,” but that didn’t stop him from making his very own custom ballistic mask.

He started with a basic hockey mask, lined it with some (surprisingly cheap) Kevlar, and then attached aluminum scales to the front of the mask. Factoring in that he had aluminum metal scraps just lying around, the total cost of construction was about $50 total and it weighed a smidge over a pound.

So, how well does it hold up? He strapped the mask to a particularly ill-fated watermelon and then gave it a test run

  • .22: did not penetrate Kevlar
  • .380: did not penetrate Kevlar
  • 9mm hollow point: did not penetrate the Kevlar, but the force of impact shattered the watermelon
  • 9mm ball: penetrated the Kevlar
  • 45 hollow point: did not penetrate the Kevlar, but it destroyed the mask
  • AK-47: turned the tattered remains of the mask into scrap

The mask is actually amazingly effective at stopping bullets, but getting shot in this mask will probably make it feel like you got hit in the face with a sledgehammer. A few of the impacts make it look like the wearer would probably be facing some sort of skull fractures.

If you want a cheap bullet-resistant mask, or if you want to become a supernatural serial killer and terrorize a lakeside cabin full of drunk college students, this mask might be right up your alley.

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