Kids Compete in 47th Annual Daisy BB Gun Championship (VIDEO)

Kids from across 20 states gathered in Rogers, Arkansas to compete in the 47th Annual Daisy National BB Gun Championship, 5 News Online reports. The event sponsors hope to promote gun safety, encourage outdoor activity among kids, and promote good ol’-fashioned fun shooting a BB gun.

Teams are made up seven kids between the ages of 8 and 15, but don’t let their ages fool you: these kids are spot-on. Joe Murphin, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Daisy BB Guns, boasted, “These young people are putting the BB in the bullseye almost every shot. They’re that good.”

While many of these young marksmen (or should we say “marksboys” and “marksgirls?”) are aiming for the first-place prize, Murphin points out that the competition is having a positive effect on these young people. He said, “There’s so much more there in the way of electronics and things to divert your attention away from going outside and having fun. But the truth of the matter is if you have a BB gun at an event and you have a range set up, that’s where the kids will go. They love to shoot.”

He makes a good point. Even parents in support of gun control might be tempted to let their kids play with a BB gun if it means they spend less time in front of the computer and more time collecting grass stains.

We’re sure you’re just chomping at the bit to learn which one of these young shooters took home first prize, but we don’t have the results of the competition. The event, which started this weekend, will end later tonight. You can probably catch the event on most national news networks.

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