The New McMillan CS5 Concealable Sniper Rifle System

McMillan, renown makers of some very-long-range rifles, has decided to break the mold and make a sniper rifle for close-quarters work. Their new Concealable Subsonic/Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System, or CS5, is built around a long-action receiver and a decidedly short barrel.

The CS5 is a take-down rifle of sorts. Chambered in .308 Winchester, the rifle is designed to come apart at the stock and included suppressor, leaving the shooter with a rifle that measures only 23 inches long. The CS5 has a 12.5-inch barrel and is for concealed snipers in urban areas, and can be thrown into a backpack or other inconspicuous case for transport into buildings without drawing attention to the shooter.

McMillan CS5 Concealable Sniper Rifle System

Obviously this rifle is for police and other law enforcement agencies, as it is twice over an NFA-regulated firearm being a short-barreled rifle (SBR) with a silencer. But don’t worry, McMillan has also developed one for the masses, with an 18-inch barrel and optional suppressor. Even with the more typical 18.5-inch barrel, broken down, it only measures 29 inches, and that’s still something that wouldn’t draw too much attention in the right pack.

The rifle sacrifices some muzzle velocity and range, but not accuracy. The CS5 is guaranteed to be sub-minute of angle (MOA), .75, with specially-made in-house subsonic ammunition. The 12.5-inch barrels have an aggressive 1:8-inch twist for use with the custom 200-grain cartridges, although they can shoot supersonic ammunition as well. The 18.5-inch barreled-rifle uses a standard 1:11-inch rate of twist for conventional .308 Winchester ammunition.

Muzzle velocities for the SBR with sub-sonic ammunition come in around 1050 feet-per-second (FPS), 2250 FPS with standard ammunition, and for the 18-inch barreled CS5 come in around 2650 with 175-grain bullets.

McMillan CS5 Concealable Sniper Rifle System

Other information pertaining to the CS5 is that it uses McMillan’s own T2K action, has a stainless steel, threaded barrel in both configurations, measures 38 and 44 inches assembled, depending on the model, weighs 10.5 pounds (short barrel with suppressor) or 11.5 pounds (long barrel without suppressor) and feature Anschutz triggers. The CS5 comes with a carrying and storage case and uses SR-25 magazines.

While police snipers are called to take shots at longer ranges, a majority of their shots are taken at closer distances, most within 100 yards. For that work, we couldn’t think of a better rifle than something like the CS5.

Accuracy is extremely important, even when they’re taking shots up close. Don’t forget that sometimes snipers are tasked with shooting some very small targets. Not coming apart at the barrel gives the CS5 an edge over more traditional take-down rifle systems.

You can see all the details and more photos of the CS5 on McMillan’s website. The price for the SBR/suppressed model is expected to be $5,900, the price for the full-size model hasn’t been released, but should hopefully be a good deal lower.

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