Springfield Armory Celebrates with Armory Day (VIDEO)

WWLP News reports that the legendary Springfield Armory celebrated its history with an Armory Day event.

Gun nuts like us have a soft spot in our hearts for Springfield Armory — it’s like Disney World for hardcore Second Amendment proponents. The recent Armory Day event, then, is kind of like Springfield Armory’s version of Disney’s nightly firework and parade.

Local actors put on a show for guests to help pull them into the time periods they were representing. One actor portrayed John Garand (we’ll let you take a wild guess as to which gun Mr. Garand invented), and explained, “He looks at the gun as just another type of machine. When faced with the task of creating the M1 for the military, he looked at it in a very methodical way.”


Of course, there’s more to Armory Day than guys dressed up like colonial and WWII-era gunsmiths. The Springfield Armory itself is well worth the trek to Massachusetts. Not only does the Armory have one of the world’s largest collections of American military firearms, but the location is also steeped in US history. The armory was built in 1778, making it just two years younger than the United States of America. It pumped out firearms for centuries, up until 1968 when Robert McNamara turned it into a National Park.

The Springfield Armory is a true must-see for gun lovers and history buffs alike. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the next Armory Day event if you want to see people dressed up like famous gunsmiths.

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