Shoot Out the Lights with this Trendy Lamp (VIDEO)

Electronic Weekly featured this fancy new lamp, which allows people to shoot out the lights with a special infrared gun-shaped remote.

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you’re sitting at home on your couch. It’s been a long day, your feet are tired and you don’t want to get up unless it’s absolutely necessary. A good movie’s just popped up on the TV and you want to dim the lights to create an atmosphere… but that will require getting up. You eye your handgun, which is sitting right next to you on the coffee table, and then glance up at the ceiling light. Only three or four yards – it’d be an easy shot.

Of course, nobody in their right mind would shoot out the lights in their home just to avoid getting up, but the temptation is there. How much easier (and entertaining) would life be if you could make use of your marksmanship skills every time you turn on a household appliance?

This new European lamp, Bang!, will set you back €281 (that’s about $350 U.S. dollars), but you get to be the proud owner of this truly quirky lamp. The remote control, which is shaped like a gun, uses infrared signals to activate or deactivate the lamp. Turning the lamp off will also cause the shade to tilt on its side, as if it’s been hit.

Interested in seeing it in action? Just watch the world’s most pretentious commercial:

Judging by the overzealous price tag and the artsy advertisement, we’re guessing that this novelty item is directed more at pretentious people who want to impress people at their cocktail parties, rather than actual gun owners. Still, that’s no reason why gun owners can’t pick one up.

For updates, stay tuned to To order one of these Bang! lamps, visit the website. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.

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