"Stay Safe!" Say New Partners Remington and the ACA

Tactical Life reports that Remington Arms has partnered up with the Armed Citizen Alliance (ACA), a non-profit organization that seeks to educate the public about concealed carry and self-defense firearms.

It’s really a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours type of deal. The ACA gets a heavy-hitting sponsor who can help support their message, and Remington can get its name out there to people in the market for a new gun. After all, if people are planning on taking a self-defense course, it’s reasonable to expect that they’re going to need a self-defense handgun to go along with it. Remington hopes that prospective gun owners will choose their company.

Scott Blackwell, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Remington, said, “The re-introduction of the Model 1911 R1 in 2010, combined with our longtime leadership role in the home defense market, makes Remington’s ACA sponsorship a natural fit for our nearly 200-year-old American brand.”

remington 1911 r1 pistol

While Remington may be an old favorite on the gun scene, the ACA is a relative newcomer. Gun love has been steadily on the rise, which means that all of these new gun owners need a reliable source of information and self-defense resources that they can rely on. The ACA was created to provide a helping hand.

Remington is more than happy to help the ACA help you. Blackwell added, “We’re always happy to see Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights. We’re even happier knowing the ACA is there to help them learn, practice and improve their safe-handling of personal defense firearms.”

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