Google Shopping for Guns and Ammo: Mixed Results

The Firearm Blog discovered about a week ago that Google shopping was no longer showing pricing results for guns and ammo, though a Firearms Blog post today reveals that the shopping results are back… kinda.

Well, are the results back or aren’t they? Yes and no – the best thing we can tell you to do is to make a search yourself and see if anything comes up. It would appear that the results are showing up for some, but they aren’t showing up for others. Steve of the Firearm Blog reports, “It was definitely working for me a few hours ago, but now when I search I am not getting the same results. A reader from Canada reported that it is working for him. If I search for “rifle scope” in Google Shopping I get no results, but if I search in the main Google engine I get some broken results.”

Firearm Blog Shopping Result

We can hope that part of Google’s indecision stems from the fact that banning ammo caused a bit of an online uproar. Gun owners took to email, Twitter posts, and the oh-so-powerful “Like” button to express their unhappiness over the switch.

In one of the recent Google Shopping policy updates, they warned, “We do not allow the promotion or sale of weapons and any related products such as ammunitions or accessory kits […]Google Shopping should be safe for all users.”

Oddly enough, Google Shopping gave results for knives, but not swords. They show harpoon guns, but not guns. As Google segregates safe and dangerous product, they certainly seem to be drawing a squiggly, barely-perceptible line.

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