Poker, Booze, and Guns: Vegas' Palazzo Wants a Shooting Range (VIDEO)

The Palazzo hotel and casino in Las Vegas wants to add a machine gun firing range, NBC Reports.

What you shoot in Vegas stays in Vegas. At least, that will be the case if the Clarke County Planning Commission gives the Palazzo a thumbs-up.

Hearing about a gun range in Vegas might send off a couple of warning bells. After all, busty waitresses will hand out free booze by the gallon as long as you’re gambling, so is filling the place with machine guns really the best idea?

Well, if you think about it, it’s actually a brilliant idea. Vegas casinos have some of the best security in the world, rivaling even major banks. Someone who plans to cause problems for the casino will be shut down faster than if they’d been cheating at cards.

Bob Irwin, a man who’s been letting tourists shoot guns for decades at his local gun shop, says that this is about time. He had the idea to put gun ranges in casinos years ago, but the response he got was, “You wanna put shooting, and gambling, and drinking in the same place on the Strip? Bring your lawyers.”


While Irwin may not have been able to change the minds of these casino big-wigs, the allure of the almighty dollar has. If it passes – and Steve Sisolak, the Clarke County Commissioner, believes that it will – then you can replace a night of Vegas shows with a trip to a glitzy shooting range.

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