Concealed Carry and Look Sexy While Doing it with These Fashion Tips

These Packing Pretty style tips offer concealed carry fashion advice or gals looking to pack heat and look good while doing it this summer.

We’re not sure what’s harder: jumping through government hoops to get your hands on a concealed carry permit, or finding a matching outfit that allows you to hide your weapon. We try not to stereotype our reading audience too much, but we’re going to take a wild guess and a lot of our readers don’t spend as much time thinking about this season’s in-colors as they do about guns.
urban cowgirl starter pack picture
You know what the gun world really needs? A firearm equivalent of What Not To Wear, wherein fashionable gun experts approach unaware gun carriers and put them through a course to show them how to mix and match sexy outfits that are concealed carry-approved.

Well, until the debut of What Not To Wear: Gun Fashion Edition, lady firearm owners can check out Packing Pretty’s fashion guide. It gives a number of style options, shows you where you can purchase each of the items, and how much they cost.

Unfortunately, buying today’s most fashionable accessories will set you back a pretty penny. The Urban Cowgirl outfit (our favorite) costs a grand total of approximately $523. For that much money, a lot of gun owners would be sorely tempted to just buy an extra handgun. After all, who cares if you’re not fashionable when you’re hiding two handguns?

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