Beretta Opening New Location at the Palazzo in Las Vegas

A storied and world-renown Italian company is preparing to set up shop at the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., joining the likes of Madame Toussaud’s, Lior, Swarovski and Guerlain, but it will be absolutely unlike any other store there. Beretta is headed to Vegas.

They’re not setting up just a show floor, either, as they’ve received permission from the Clark County Planning Commission to build a 25-lane rifle and pistol range inside their four-story 20,000 square-foot shopping center.

The live-fire range will be joined by three state-of-the-art virtual shooting ranges, normally reserved for law enforcement training, but in this case the casual gun enthusiast who’d rather avoid the smell of cordite for the rest of their day in Vegas.

Beautifully Engraved Beretta Shotgun

The shopping experience won’t be limited to renting real and imaginary firearms, as they will also be selling firearms and accessories, and we hope they have everything from new products to rare and unique examples of their centuries of expertise as a small arms manufacturer.

We fully expect them to carry a very complete lineup of Beretta products, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they also happen to stock some of Beretta’s subsidiaries’ products as well. But for now all we can do is speculate; neither Beretta nor the Palazzo have followed up on the announcement that they’re setting up a Beretta store at the hotel casino.

The Palazzo Hotel

This Beretta store will no doubt become a Mecca for fans of the Italian guns all around the world, not to mention give gun enthusiasts a powerful excuse to plan a Las Vegas vacation.

Beretta expects to open their Las Vegas location in the next few months. One catch: “Customers will not be allowed to bring firearms or ammunition from outside the facility for use in the shooting range,” according to Beretta. They’re keeping things exclusive.

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