Jordan Parliament Member Throws Shoe, Pulls Gun on Critic During Live TV Debate

The Times of Israel reports that a Jordanian lawmaker pulled a gun on his political rival when a debate about the Syrian uprising hit a boiling point.

We’ve all seen a debate on a news show get heated, but we don’t think any of you have seen one that went this far. Mohammed Shawabka, the man on the right, was debating rival Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad, a political activist.

You don’t have to speak the language to tell that these two fellows aren’t getting along, and TV host, Mohammed Habashneh,is doing everything he can (and failing miserably) to keep the peace.

So, what’s getting these two all worked up? Some good old-fashioned mud-slinging. Shawabka accused Murad of being on the payroll of the Syrian regime, at which point Murad shot back with, “You’re a Mossad agent. You’re a big crook.” Evidently, them’s fightin’ words in the world of Jordanian politics.

Shawabka retorted by taking off his right shoe and throwing it at Murad, but ever since the infamous George W. Bush shoe attack, politicans have been on the lookout for aireborne loafers. Murad dodged the attack, prompting Shawabka to pull out a silver revolver on live TV.

Murad then approached Shawabka, though it’s unclear if it was to confront Shawabka or to placate him. The host, to his credit, physically interposed himself between the two men just before the show ended and the credits rolled.

After watching this video, we can’t help but wonder: would you vote to reelect a politician who pulls out a gun during a debate?

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