The Navy Actually Built a Personal Hovercraft (VIDEO)

ENDO Gun Blog has brought our attention to this nifty flying platform. This quirky device seems futuristic, even though the old black-and-white footage and cheesy announcer makes it clear that this technology is yesterday’s news.

Basically, the Navy took a high-powered fan, turned it on its side, and then put a soldier on top of it. The end result is something like a harrier jet, but on a shoestring budget.

The pilot steers this glorified fan the same way that he would steer a modern-day Segway: by leaning in the direction he wants to go. This causes the flying platform to push air in the opposite direction, consequently driving the pilot forward.

This flying platform could have been used to scout or to provide meager air support, but it’s easy to see why it never quite caught on. Unless this thing is as quiet as a whisper (which we doubt), the unstable firing platform and the complete lack of cover turn anyone piloting one of these things into a sitting flying duck.

What’s more, it’s completely outdated by the standards of modern technology. To paraphrase that famous Broadway song, anything this flying platform can do drones can do better.

Still, it’s nice to see that we’re able to build a device like this. Maybe the hoverboards in Back to the Future aren’t so improbable, after all.

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